Teachings & Inspiration

Inspiration and growth have a direct correlation to one other when it comes to work. I follow a gaggle of other florist on my Instagram to find new ideas and motivation. One of my favorites is Studio Choo; their gorgeous and effortless style makes them the perfect nominee for one of the best floral muses. I recently signed up for one of their classes and watching them at work was fantastic. I came home with a new motivation and a renewed urge to create. Since then I've been making one arrangement a week just for myself. Sometimes when we take our passions and build them into our careers the fun gets lost in the process and everything becomes business. Reconnecting with that initial spark and eagerness is pivotal for keeping your work fresh, new, and challenging. Take the time to remind yourself what brought you to where you are today and take pleasure in work and enjoy it!

Willi wildflower Centerpiece.JPG

Tracy & Jonathan

This wedding was drop you to your knees gorgeous. Located in beautiful Napa at a private home & winery you couldn't have dreamed for a more perfect location. We let the centerpieces be "simple" and they simply spoke for themselves. Lush olive garland filled the table (the perfect compliment to the olive tree filled property) with seasonal figs, guavas, and flowers braided in, all lit in candle light for the ultimate romantic evening.

garland centerpiece
Tracy's Bouquet

Audrey & Jacques

I've been so busy working on weddings that I haven't had much time to share some of the treasures that have been carted out of the studio doors. I finally uploaded some photos(from my lil iphone) from this summer and came across some snapshots I took of the flowers for Jacques & Audrey's Fort Mason wedding. I love the gold accent of the containers and the hand painted gold eucalyptus. Such a gorgeous wedding palette don't you think?

Gold accent centerpieces

Gold accent centerpieces

Centerpiece for the fireplace mantle

Centerpiece for the fireplace mantle

Here's a few more photos from the very talented  Diana Rothery!

Wedding Bouquet

Congrats Lauren & Chris!

Beautiful Mt. Madonna bohemian wedding. So grateful to have been a part of this incredible celebration....


One of my favorite weddings to date!! I had so much fun working on Lauren's gorgeous bohemian bouquet! It was such a treat to play with so many incredible textures and vibrant colors, contrasted with a delicate floral crown. A huge thank you to the VERY talented Nick Radford for his incredible photos!!


Sometimes It's Hard To Let Go.....

For the most part I can honestly say I am thrilled when I deliver an arrangement to its enthusiastic recipient. But last week I had a moment when I didn't want to let go.... It was an arrangement for a party. It just got to me. Dogwood (heart flutter). Foxgloves from my garden that I watched grow back this year with delight. A few of my own Icelandic Poppies to add to the robust one's from the Flower Market (seriously there's are tall, strong, beautiful specimens; like the Michael Jordan's of poppies). Anyways, long story short, I brought this arrangement into my living room and just fell madly in love with it, enjoying the last few hours I had with it before it had to get carted away. Even the pup seemed to enjoy it.

The recipients were thrilled and appreciated it as much as I did. But leaving the venue I felt like a parent leaving their child on the first day of preschool. I missed it so much driving home with an empty van. It was ridiculous. Then I realized I was being ridiculous. Then I went and sat in my garden and looked at the few Foxgloves that remained and silently planned my ambush for the next arrangement that would be just mine. Cause sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

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