Sometimes It's Hard To Let Go.....

For the most part I can honestly say I am thrilled when I deliver an arrangement to its enthusiastic recipient. But last week I had a moment when I didn't want to let go.... It was an arrangement for a party. It just got to me. Dogwood (heart flutter). Foxgloves from my garden that I watched grow back this year with delight. A few of my own Icelandic Poppies to add to the robust one's from the Flower Market (seriously there's are tall, strong, beautiful specimens; like the Michael Jordan's of poppies). Anyways, long story short, I brought this arrangement into my living room and just fell madly in love with it, enjoying the last few hours I had with it before it had to get carted away. Even the pup seemed to enjoy it.

The recipients were thrilled and appreciated it as much as I did. But leaving the venue I felt like a parent leaving their child on the first day of preschool. I missed it so much driving home with an empty van. It was ridiculous. Then I realized I was being ridiculous. Then I went and sat in my garden and looked at the few Foxgloves that remained and silently planned my ambush for the next arrangement that would be just mine. Cause sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

IMG_8464 - Version 2.JPG